Bluescience, Lda, in collaboration with Infotehna Group LLC, intends to provide an e-CTD/NeeS regulatory support service to its clients.

INFOTEHNA Group LLC has more than 20 years in the industry as a well-established provider of high-end ECM software. myPharmaExpert Suite is the flagship solution of INFOTEHNA Group and incorporates a state of the art Content Management System and includes 300+ custom functionalities and 500+ preconfigured processes for an all-in-one software solution that supports RA with eCTD, NeeS, vNeeS and PDF dossier publishing, QA/QC, R&D, and pharmacovigilance. INFOTEHNA uses Adlib to automatically convert and enhance text-based documents and other file formats into PDF to ensure compliance with corporate guidelines and regulatory governance needs. INFOTEHNA and Adlib together provide a powerful tool for the conversion of images and static documents into searchable electronic documents using optical character recognition. The Adlib integration with INFOTEHNA’s solutions enable customers to automate inefficient manual processes to meet compliance requirements which provides a real and measurable value for our customers in highly regulated industries such as pharmaceutical, life sciences, financial services and government.